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Glee Fic : Vows | Kurt/Blaine (AU) | 1/2 M

Title : Vows
Author : Jen
Rating : M for language
Pairing : Kurt/Blaine AU
Word count : ~20,300 this part
Spoilers : as it's an AU, none, but there's some references in the "you'll know it if you know it" variety. Mainly stuff about Kurt early S2
Summary : Blaine wakes up in Vegas with a hangover, a husband, and no memory of the night before. He's now facing a road trip, more questions than answers, and discovery of what it means to not only be himself but a husband.
Notes : this came about from a gif set on Tumblr (which you can see here. What resulted from that is a fic that's going to be about 40,000 words long. Because this is how I chose to spend my Christmas break!

The first thing Blaine was aware of when consciousness crept over him was just how much his head hurt. His skull felt heavy, like it was trying to sink into the pillows and he was happy to let it because it would distract him from the churning in his stomach.

Now that he was awake his body was intent on telling him exactly what was wrong with him; carpet tongue, steel skull with Jamaican Kettle Band in residence, stomach stuck on a rollercoaster.

Hello hangover.

He carefully started to move, rolling over carefully on the mattress so he wasn't face down. As he did so his body sparked, letting him know that we're kinda stiff and sore down here so how about you take it easy? He was happy to oblige and so rested his head back on the pillow, settling on his side for the moment.


Blaine's eyes flicked open but he didn't move as the strange voice spoke to him. That strange, melodic voice...

"How's your head?" the voice asked in sympathy. "Mine's... been better."

It took the Kettle Band a minute to process it and to shake off the illusion that it was a girl in bed with him (because that would have probably required a LOT of alcohol) and so he carefully rolled over a little more, casting a glance over his shoulder.

Well, he'd certainly done well on that front.

The man in bed with him was beautiful, there was no other way to describe him. His skin was pale but not sickly so, he was lean but not lanky, and although he had a serious case of bed head there was still an unmistakeable sense of style about him.

"Hi," Beautiful Boy said, a smile creeping on to those lips that Blaine had only previously thought existed in fantasies.

"Hey," he croaked, feeling the carpet give way to sandpaper. "Um..."

"There's some water on your side," Beautiful said with a gentle nod.

Blaine turned back over and saw the bottle. He grabbed it and without thinking too much about it pushed up a little so he could drink most of the half litre in one. As soon as he was a little more upright he took stock of his body and its current aches and pains.

"Um... yeah," Beautiful said, "not sure how... Sorry. I'm usually pretty good with prep."

"It's fine," Blaine said. "Sure there's no lasting damage."

Beautiful Boy gave a soft laugh and Blaine's Kettle Band took a moment to marvel at how melodic he sounded.


"It's Blaine, right?"

"Yeah," he said, shuffling so he was sitting up against the headboard. "And you are?"

"Kurt," Beautiful Boy said.

"Um... nice to meet you?" Blaine said, a lame attempt at a joke.

"So Blaine. You fancy Anderson-Hummel or Hummel-Anderson?"

Blaine's brow dropped in confusion and he glanced over at Beautiful Boy... Kurt. "What?"

"How much do you remember about last night?"

"...Not much," Blaine admitted.

"Well, if it's any consolation I'm in the same boat," Kurt said, reaching to pick something up from his side of the bed. "This made for some... interesting reading when I woke up half an hour ago."

Kurt handed a piece of paper to Blaine who held out his hand for it. His left hand. Taking the paper from Kurt (held in his left hand) the Kettle Band noticed it and told Blaine what had happened before he'd unfolded it.

"Welcome to the Vegas cliché," Kurt said.

"We... got married?"

"Looks that way," Kurt said, critically examining the cheap band on his ring finger. "And I'm guessing from the way you're feeling that we..."

"Yeah, we did," Blaine said, realising what the familiar feeling was.

"So now what? Quickie Vegas wedding, quickie Vegas divorce?"

Blaine was busy staring at the certificate, taking it all in. He got married. He got drunk in Vegas and he got married. He got drunk in Vegas and he got married and he had a husband.

Well fuck.


Kurt had allowed Blaine to use the bathroom first and he'd taken advantage of the luxurious shower to work out the tension in his muscles. This wasn't his room – no way could he afford something like this on his salary – so he took a moment to explore the hair care products available to him.

He had only heard of a couple of the brands and even then it was from mentions in magazines that his flatmate's girlfriend left lying around. He chose the least expensive looking ones and used only a small amount in case he was wrong; so far his "husband" seemed to be an OK guy but that didn't mean he could start adhering to the 'what's yours is mine' mantra.

After showering he dried off using the softest towel he'd ever used and pulled yesterday's clothes back on. He knocked on the inside of the bathroom door before stepping into the room itself.

"Find everything OK?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah, used some of your stuff..."

"That's fine," Kurt said. He wasn't dressed but had pulled a robe around himself. "I imagine you're as hungry as I am. The room service here is pretty good so choose what you want. My order's on the pad, just put it on the room tab."

Blaine almost protested, said he could pay his own way, but he realised that wasn't the point here. So he just said, "Thanks" and stepped out of the way to allow Kurt to go into the bathroom.

As soon as he heard the shower running Blaine took a moment to look around the room for clues about his "husband". Aside from his name he knew nothing about the guy (which, he supposed, was the same for Kurt about him) and he didn't like not knowing stuff.

Kurt's clothes were hanging up in the wardrobe, tasteful and expensive by the look of them. There was a notebook computer on the desk, next to Kurt's wallet.

For a moment Blaine hesitated, this was pretty personal. The shower was still running but that didn't mean Kurt couldn't appear at any point, coming back into the room for something he'd forgotten or needed. Finding his new "husband" going through his wallet probably wouldn't be the best start to... whatever this was.

The fact that Blaine mentally added air quotes around the word husband was a pretty good indication how things were for him at least.

Driver's licence, that was it. That was all Blaine would look at. Just... to see. Taking decisive strides across the room he flicked it open, glancing at the display panel.

Kurt Hummel, 26 years old (same age then), resident of New York, usual statistics (he'd have to look up what glasz actually meant when it came to eye colour), and a stunningly beautiful picture. He was never going to see Blaine's licence if that's what Kurt's picture looked like. (His friend Wes had taken one look, laughed, and called him Chewbacca for weeks on end.) Having seen what he wanted Blaine moved to put the wallet back but before he did so he couldn't help but see the credit cards nestled in the leather.



Blaine had cards but not like these ones. His were the common variety ones. Of course he'd seen what a Gold Card looked like but never in the wallet of anyone he knew. It would explain the hotel room, the orders on room service...

Room service.



Dropping Kurt's wallet back onto the desk he found the menu and quickly scanned it, his stomach growling in anticipation of food. Once he'd ordered he was at a loss so he just sat on the edge of the bed until the shower had gone off and Kurt reappeared.

"You OK?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah. You?"

Kurt shrugged gently. "I wasn't sure how long you needed to go through my stuff, find out more about me." He couldn't help but laugh at the horrified look that passed across Blaine's face. "I'm joking, I promise!"

"I looked at your driving licence," Blaine admitted.

"Not sure about the picture," Kurt said, dismissing what could have been an invasion of privacy.

"It's stunning. You're stunning," Blaine said before he could stop himself. "I just wanted to know more about you, that's all."

"Twenty questions?"


"Twenty questions. No lies, no passes, no holds barred?" Kurt offered. "The whole 'be true to each other' thing? You can even go first if you want."

"OK... What is it you do in New York?" Blaine asked.

"I work for a fashion magazine," Kurt said. "We're not quite Vogue but we will be one day. My turn. What do you do... wherever you do it?"

"That's two questions," Blaine laughed. "Um, I teach. Eighth Grade English. In LA."

"California," Kurt said with a low whistle. "Explains the tan."

"No, that's from my mom," he said. "You East Coasters are so pale though."

"I'm not from New York," Kurt said. "Ohio originally."

"Me too," Blaine said quickly. "We moved around a bit but home is, was Westerville."

Kurt froze and stared at him for a moment. "I'm from Lima."


"We grew up a few hours' from each other," Kurt realised before he laughed. "Who'd have guessed. Desperate to get out of a town where I was the only openly gay kid in school and I wind up married to someone who lived down the road."

"Was it hard?" Blaine asked. "Being the only... The only one?"

"At first," Kurt said, taking a seat in front of the mirror as he began to style his hair. "But I had some pretty good friends in the end. Made it so I could stick around."

"Was it a possibility that you wouldn't?"

"...Yeah," Kurt said, catching Blaine's gaze through the mirror. "There was a time in my Junior year that I really thought... But my brother and our friends really helped me out and by the end of it I was actually pretty sad to leave. Weird, huh?"

"I wasn't," Blaine said quietly. "Sad to leave my school I mean. After... what happened... Dalton was a safe haven."

Kurt froze again. "You were at Dalton?"

"You heard of it?"

"We faced them in a couple of our Sectionals."

"You were in your Glee club?"

Kurt turned around to face Blaine. "You too?"

"Yeah. We were The Warblers."

"I was in New Directions."

Blaine thought for a moment. "McKinley?" When Kurt nodded he sighed. "How is it that we never met before then?"

"Well I missed one of the Sectionals," Kurt said. "Had the most awful cold during my Junior year..."

"That would have been my Sophomore," Blaine said quietly, "and I missed my Junior one because of a broken ankle..."

"So I've got myself a younger man?" Kurt laughed.

"Actually no," Blaine replied. "I... repeated a year."

Kurt's question was stilled by a knock at the door. "That will be breakfast," he said.


They ate in relative silence, neither one of them wanting to return to what was potentially a very dangerous topic. Clearly they had both had traumatic experiences during their High School years, experiences which had played out a few hours away from the other. So they decided to put the questions to one side for a moment and focus on food and getting themselves sorted out. Something that was going fairly well until Blaine noticed the clock.

"Shit," he swore loudly.


"I'm supposed to be at the airport."


"Flight leaves in twenty minutes."

"So you've missed that then," Kurt stated unhelpfully. "Can you rebook?"

"No point," Blaine sighed. "I was going to New York for a friend's birthday tonight, then driving back to Westerville for a... family gathering. May as well go straight to Ohio."

"You don't sound thrilled about the idea."

"It's a three line whip party," Blaine said, trying to smile but failing.

"So go back to LA."

"And risk the wrath of my parents? Rather not. May as well just look into flights to Ohio."

"Last minute? That'll be expensive."

"Tell me about it," he sighed.

Kurt sighed gently. "Feel free to say no if you want but..." When Blaine eyed him carefully he continued. "I kinda drove here. To Las Vegas."

"From New York?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah. Long story."

"Long drive."

"But anyway, seeing as Westerville is near Lima and my dad's been on at me to come visit... I could give you a lift?"

"You'd drive me to my parents'?"

"It's not that far out of my way," Kurt lied, "and you and I have things to sort out." He didn't quite know why he was offering to drive this relative stranger all the way to Ohio (which was a day straight, easily three days with breaks) but he couldn't just cut him loose.

"I can't ask you to do that."

"You're not asking, I'm offering. I really don't mind, Blaine."

"Kurt..." He sighed and nodded. "That'd be great, thanks."

"Good. Could use someone to share the driving. Took me the best part of a week to get down here."

"Why on earth did you drive from New York anyway? Surely the gas would have been more expensive."

"Long story."

"We're gonna have time," Blaine pointed out.


Blaine waited while Kurt packed up his things and checked out of the hotel. He then drove them to Blaine's much cheaper accommodation and waited while Blaine did the same. Then they were on the road, heading north to somewhere they both once called home.

"Next question," Kurt said after the silence became unbearable.


"We said twenty questions, right? You're behind, it's two-one to me."

"OK, so question two. Why New York?"

"I wanted to escape," Kurt admitted. "Lima... wasn't for me. NYADA, Broadway... I wanted it all."

"So why did you give it up?" Blaine asked.

"I'm not sure," Kurt admitted. "It just happened. I was doing more and more behind the scenes, costume design, that sort of thing. I started a theatre fashion magazine and before I knew it I was working for this new fashion publication. My turn. Why Los Angeles?"

"I wanted to escape too," Blaine said. "But it wasn't about Hollywood. It was just about... getting away. And California seemed like a good a place as any once I graduated."

"A year after me," Kurt said, "despite the fact we're the same age."

Blaine tensed as he sensed the question that was coming.

"You don't have to..."

"I was beaten up. Badly. Spent months in hospital and just missed too much," he said quietly.

"Because you're..."

Blaine looked down at the map sitting on his knees, pretending to work out their route despite the fact that it was pretty much all on the same Interstate.

"I'm sorry," Kurt said.

"It was a long time ago."

"Yeah, but those things don't go away do they?" Kurt said.

"What was it like for you in High School?"

"I wasn't... if that's what you mean. But it wasn't fun either. I was bullied, this one guy especially... For the most part it was being slammed into lockers, tossed into dumpsters, name calling, slushie facials..."

"Slushies?" Blaine asked.

"Don't ask," Kurt laughed. "But this one guy... it was a mission for him. And when things were really bad I did wonder what I was going to do..."

"You said your brother and friends stepped in?"

"Yeah. It was just after the wedding and Finn decided to actually step up and be my brother." He glanced to his side and laughed at Blaine's expression. "Finn's actually my step-brother. My dad married his mom during our Junior year.

"But yeah. If it weren't for them I don't know what I'd have done."

"Why didn't you leave?" Blaine asked.

"And what? Go to Dalton? Not everyone could afford the tuition you know."

"Sorry," Blaine said quietly.

"Me too," Kurt said when he realised how harsh he'd been.

"Four down, sixteen to go," Blaine said eventually. "Questions," he then added.

"Well we've got a long trip. Plenty of time."


They made it to Denver by nightfall and found a motel with ease. The clerk by the desk eyed them warily when the two of them walked in but seemed placated when Kurt asked for two rooms.

"Not sure we'll make it to Westerville tomorrow," Kurt said by way of apology. "SatNav said it was over 20 hours from here."

"Tomorrow night is the gathering, the fun begins the next day. Anyway, less time I spend there the better," Blaine said as he followed Kurt up the stairs to their assigned rooms.

"Still, we should try and get as much of it done as possible, yeah?"

"You're the driver."

Kurt stretched out a little, working out kinks in his spine. "Was hoping you'd do some tomorrow."

"Oh, yeah, sure, of course," Blaine stammered. "Sorry, I never even thought to offer today."

"It's fine, really. Night Blaine."

"Night Kurt."

The two of them walked into their separate rooms and sat on their separate beds and stared at the wall which divided their two rooms. Both of them ran fingers absent mindedly over the wedding bands they'd not bothered to remove earlier before doing just that and heading for the shower.


An hour or so later there was a soft knock on Blaine's door, and he opened it to find Kurt standing there with a takeout bag in one hand a carrier bag in the other.

"Figured you'd be hungry too," he said. "Chinese OK?"

"Great," Blaine said as he smelled the food. "Although I hope that's not beer," he added, gesturing to the carrier.

"What are you afraid of?" Kurt asked. "Committing bigamy?" he joked.

"I can't believe they actually let us get married," Blaine said.

"The marriage bill passed a long time ago, sweetie," Kurt mocked. "We can get hitched wherever we want now."

"I mean, we must have been pretty drunk."

"See, now I'm not so sure about that," Kurt said as he lifted the containers from the bag. "I think we carried on drinking afterwards."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I found the receipt for the rings. We got married some time after eight last night, that's pretty early on. Few more hours' drinking?"

"Is anything coming back to you?"

"Nothing substantial. Why? You?"

"I don't know if it means anything, but when I was in the shower I was thinking about you..." Blaine stopped and flushed red as he realised the implication of his statement. "I mean... what you said, before, about school. McKinley and New Directions... Was one of your guys in a wheelchair?"

"Yeah, Artie," Kurt said.

"I think I remember you guys. The year I was at Sectionals, the year you missed, the lead was taken by this girl, phenomenal voice..."


"No... I keep thinking about cars for some reason."

"Mercedes," Kurt laughed. "One of my closest friends."

"Yeah? How'd she take the news of your nuptials?"

"I've not told her. Why? You told anyone?"

"Not sure how to if I'm honest," Blaine laughed. "Hey guys. So I met this guy last night and we got married and..." Blaine stopped and looked up at him. "We were playing Blackjack."


"When we met. It was at one of the Blackjack tables. We were both pretty shit at it and we got talking and..."

" told me about the Warblers and... oh what was that bird's name?"


"Yeah, that's it. You went on and on about that thing."

"Hey, I loved that bird. I was devastated when he died."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Kurt said in feigned sympathy.

"So you should be. I'm not mocking your grief over Alexander McQueen."

The memory sparked, Kurt tried to hide his grin. "No, but you did last night."

"This is good, right?" Blaine asked as Kurt poured the mineral water into two mugs. "Us remembering stuff?"

"I guess," Kurt replied. "At the very least it's nice to know that we got on before we got married."

"Is that important to you?"

"Oh yes," he grinned, lifting the mug to his lips. "All good relationships are built on a solid foundation of friendship first."

"So we're doing pretty well then?"

"I think we are," he smiled as they chipped their mugs together in a toast.


"OK, next round," Kurt said as they pulled out of Denver at an ungodly early hour of the morning. "Question five. What's your favourite colour?"

Blaine laughed at the banality of the question. "Anything bright," he said. "The Dalton colours were so dull any excuse. You?"

"Depends on the season," Kurt replied. "Different colours are in fashion at different times."

"Oh god, you're one of them aren't you?"

"One of what?

"A fashionista."

"I work in fashion, Blaine. I can't be seen walking about in faded jeans and a uni hoodie."

"Not even around your apartment?"

"And why would I want to do that?"

"You've got to have an old set of clothes that you wear purely when you're... I don't know. Cleaning or when you're sick or when you're just not going anywhere and are hanging about listening to music or watching whatever's on TV?"

"I clean as I go, I'm rarely sick, and thanks to work I almost never have time off," Kurt said.

"I know what that's like," Blaine agreed. "Weekends and holidays are a time for me to catch up with everything."

"So how's your summer going so far?"

"Everything I hoped it would be," Blaine quipped. "I don't know. I just needed a break really. I love my job and I adore the kids, but it's not something I really saw myself doing. Kinda fell into it really. Something decent, respectable, pays the bills..."

"You sound like half the teachers at McKinley. In it for the paycheck."

"No, it's not like that. I really do love it, I love working with the kids and I love getting them to read and imagine and all of that. Not quite where I thought I'd be ten years ago that's all."

"That's where you and I differ then," Kurt said as he drew his knees up to put his feet up on the dash. "New York, Broadway. Always the dream."

"Says the fashion reporter."

Kurt laughed and held up his hands in resignation. "Question six. Which football team do you support?"

"I'm gonna ask you the same in response," Blaine said, "so you can change the question if you want."

"Hey, I can talk football too."

Blaine took his eyes off the Interstate to look at his passenger in shock.

"What? I can't be gay and like football? Because I reckon you're a fan."

"Yeah, college stuff mainly though. The Buckeyes are pretty good. You?"

"I have no clue," Kurt said, eliciting a laugh from Blaine. "Dad and Finn are into it, I just watched with them. It was an attempt at boys' time I guess, Carole thought it was important."

"She your step-mom?"

"Yeah. She's awesome. She'd be waiting for me in the kitchen when I finally gave up on the football and we'd end up baking something healthy that my dad would hate."

"I like the sound of your family," Blaine said quietly.

Kurt wanted to ask Blaine about his but with every mile they drove closer to his home the more distant Blaine seemed to get. What little he'd already betrayed about his family made it quite clear that given the choice Blaine would rather be going anywhere but back to Ohio.

"Question seven," Blaine said, abruptly changing the topic. "Favourite Broadway musical."

"You have one?" Kurt questioned.

"I saw RENT at a local community theatre once, does that count?"

"It was on Broadway, so yeah. I guess."

"That one then. You? Bet you've got dozens to choose from. So here's your chance to educate me."

Kurt knew what Blaine was doing, and he suspected that Blaine knew that Kurt knew. But it was clearly what he wanted and so Kurt indulged him, spending the following hour listing all the musicals he'd seen since moving to New York and all the things he loved about them.

As they pulled in to a gas station to refuel and switch drivers Kurt found himself promising to take Blaine to see at least one the next time he was in New York, a promise that Blaine agreed to take him up on.


Kurt woke up and rubbed his eyes. "Ugh, how long was I asleep?"

"Couple of hours," Blaine said. "Apparently I'm not stimulating enough."


"It's fine, really," he laughed.

Kurt straightened up in his seat and looked around them. "We're not on the Interstate."

"I got bored," Blaine said. "Fancied the scenic route."



"How long have we been taking the 'scenic route'?"

"About an hour or so."

"So you've added maybe a couple of hours to the trip? You're really not keen to go home."

"Next question," Blaine said, cutting off Kurt's line of enquiry. "Come on. You can do better than favourite colours."

"Who was your first kiss?" Kurt asked.

"He was a friend actually. The only other gay guy at school and we... wondered what it was like. You?"

"Not a good moment actually," he admitted. "I mean, I don't count the whole 'playing it straight' phase, so the first guy? He... grabbed me."

"Shit, I'm sorry."

"I got over it. Number nine. Your first love."

"Guy I met freshman year in college. His name was Nicholas, art major. We just clicked and were together for... wow, two years pretty much. Who was yours?"

"Adam," Kurt said, his voice a little quieter. "I met him during my Junior year. We were friends first, pretty much for the whole year, but when we were getting ready to go home for the summer we kinda realised how close we'd become. We talked almost every day and kinda fell into the relationship when we got back in September."

"Sounds amazing."

"Yeah, it was. Adam was my first love... My only love I guess. We broke up a couple of months ago."

"Shit, Kurt," Blaine hissed. "I'm not doing a good job with these return questions."

"It's fine, really," Kurt said, drawing his knees up protectively anyway. "I promise I have a better story for this one."

"Oh?" Blaine questioned.

Kurt turned his head to Blaine and grinned. "Tell me about your first time."


They stopped in some little town for lunch, demolishing an almost unhealthy amount of food in record time. Their conversations slipped from the serious to the mundane with ease and Blaine suddenly felt like he'd known Kurt for his whole life.

As they argued over splitting the check Blaine felt something shift in his chest, something he couldn't quite place. He stilled for long enough for Kurt to win the argument and pay the bill.

"You OK?" Kurt asked when he noticed Blaine's silence.

"Yeah," he said. "Just... thinking."

"About your dad?"



"No, really, I wasn't."

"Then what had you so distracted?" Kurt asked as they walked back to the car, automatically switching so he was driving now. "You can tell me."

"I know," Blaine said, a small smile creeping onto his face. "It's fine, really."

"But you are worried about your dad."

Blaine, who'd opened the car door, froze and looked at Kurt over the roof of the car.

"Question eleven," Kurt stated.

"Please..." Blaine whispered.

"Is your dad homophobic?"

Blaine didn't reply right away, just got into the car and shut the door. He pulled his belt on and stared out of the windshield as Kurt got in beside him.

"I think we need to introduce a pass," Kurt said finally as they were back on the road. "For when I push things too far."

"Can I ask my question first? Then I'll answer yours."

"OK," Kurt said.

"What was it like having support? Because you did, didn't you? Your dad he... was supportive?"

"Yeah, he was. When I told him I was gay he told me he knew, he'd always known. And that if that was who I was then he was OK with that. I mean, we had our ups and downs and I know he found it hard but... yeah. He's fine with it. With me. So long as I'm happy he is."

"And when you were with Adam?"

"For the first few years he wouldn't let us share a room," Kurt laughed, "but once we'd moved in together he gave up all pretence. He liked Adam, once he knew we were serious about each other."

"I could never have brought anyone home," Blaine said quietly, still staring dead ahead. "I couldn't even talk about guys I was seeing."

"Shit," Kurt muttered under his breath.

"He never... said anything outright. It was how he was with me. Like I wasn't good enough. Like I'd... disappointed him somehow."

Kurt gripped the wheel tightly and stared dead ahead. He knew he couldn't interrupt this; he had enough gay friends with stories just like these. He knew he was lucky, he knew that the Burt Hummels in this world were few and far between from the starting blocks. Most parents came around in the end, once they'd got over the shock, but every so often there was a kid whose parents didn't.

"I told Mom first," Blaine continued. "No plan, no real decision... We were out one day, shopping for Dad's birthday present. These girls walked past us and Mom looked at me as if she was waiting for some kind of reaction from me. So I just blurted out that I was gay. She stopped dead – this guy walked right into her! – and she stared at me. I knew she didn't quite believe me so I told her again.

"Looking back I'm kinda glad I did it in public. She just got really quiet and didn't stop watching me all the way back to the car. It was as if she wasn't sure who I was any more.

"When we got home she and Dad locked themselves in the kitchen and I know they were talking about me. When they finally came out Dad walked straight up to me and looked me dead in the eye. Took every nerve I had to tell him what I'd told Mom. And like Mom he said nothing.

"The next day I'm hauled off on a fishing trip. He told me it was for his birthday but I knew. After that it was football season tickets, we rebuilt a car once. Once he realised that was it he gave up and that was that."

"That was that?" Kurt asked in shock, forgetting his promised silence. "What? Nothing since?"

"Nothing," Blaine repeated. "It's the greatest open secret in our family. That was the only time I've said I was gay and they've not acknowledged it since."

"I'm... I'm so sorry."

Blaine gave a small shrug. "It's expected. The Anderson family are... interesting people. Most of them are very old school about things and dad knows that if I publically came out..."

"So the entire family are just ignoring you?" Kurt squeaked. "I'm sorry, but that's just worse."

"Worse than what? Being disowned? Kicked out? Rejected by my parents, my aunts and uncles and cousins? And all because the older generation would pretty much demand it. My parents probably wouldn't want to but if they didn't then they'd be out. The house, the business, the whole Anderson legacy... All of it resting on me."


"And before you tell me that I shouldn't be hiding, that my parents and my family will be just fine, you don't know that."

"Have you asked them?"

"You remember the whole point about us not talking about it?"

"So what did they think you were getting up to in LA? You said you were with this guy for what? Two years?"

"Yeah, my... best friend and roommate," Blaine quipped. "I swear it was like we'd stepped out of the '60s."

"You're hardly black and white though, love," Kurt laughed.

Blaine caught the term of endearment and his chest twisted again. But they carried on without referencing it, turning the car into a holiday special, affecting voices and singing songs from yesteryear at the top of their voices.


That night's motel was a few hours' drive from home but neither of them were too keen about making that final push. Blaine had claimed that his parents wouldn't look too kindly on him arriving in the small hours of the morning and Kurt's temptation to steal Blaine away to his home was probably going to have the same reaction.

Dad? Carole? This is Blaine. My husband...

So another motel it was again, separate rooms again, but this time Blaine brought Kurt the take away and mineral water.

"Question twelve," Kurt asked as they cleared away the garbage. "If you want?"

"I get a pass?" Blaine asked.

"Maybe," Kurt grinned, "but I was thinking a postponement if you'd rather not?"

"Ask," Blaine said as he sat cross-legged on the end of Kurt's bed.

"What have your relationships been like? I mean, you said you couldn't take anyone home..."

"I didn't miss out if that's what you mean," Blaine said. "To be honest I'd not want to take anyone home! But it meant that I got to live my life the way I wanted. I didn't have the pressure of wondering if we were at the 'meet the parents' stage so we took things at our own pace.

"Nicholas and I were together for two years, pretty happy for most of it. After that there were a couple of guys. I think six months was the shortest relationship."

"No sleazy one night stands?" Kurt asked lightly.

"There was this one guy," Blaine grinned. "Barely knew him before I was jumping into bed with him. Still, at least I had the sense to marry him first."

Kurt laughed and picked up a cushion from the chair to throw at him. "I resent being called sleazy."

"I have no evidence to the contrary," Blaine pointed out. "For all I know you told me what I wanted to hear to get me into bed."

"And who's to say you weren't the one taking advantage of me?" Kurt replied. "I was the one heartbroken after the end of a long term relationship."

"Are you?" Blaine asked. "Heartbroken I mean? You keep talking about Adam but you don't seem that sad."

"I..." Kurt began but then he sighed and sat next to Blaine on the bed. "I don't think I am to be honest. I knew it was coming but I didn't want to believe it."

Blaine gently reached out, putting his hand on Kurt's thigh in reassurance.

"We were living together, it was supposed to be a natural progression. I thought that's where we were headed, Adam... thought differently. The idea of getting married never crossed his mind."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I thought it was the end of my whole life until Mercedes told me that if Adam and I really were meant to be then we'd have either wanted the same thing or worked it out. But we didn't so I guess that tells you everything you need to know."

At some point Kurt had grasped Blaine's hand in his.

"Yeah," Blaine said, looking down at where their fingers were linked together. "It tells me you came to Vegas with marriage on the brain. You totally seduced me."

Kurt couldn't help the laughter that bubbled up in his throat and soon the two of them were laughing, clutching to the other as they fell back onto the bed. At some point they got comfortable and then they fell asleep, curled up together on the top of the covers.


"I was thinking we'll stop in town, I'll grab a cab up to the house," Blaine said as they neared Westerville the next morning. "I'll say I got the bus up or something."

Kurt looked over at Blaine from his vantage point in the passenger seat. Since waking up next to him this morning he was still trying to put together the pieces of Blaine he had in his head.

"I just think it best if we avoid awkward conversations," Blaine continued.

"You mean stick your head back in the sand?"

"Kurt, this is my family."

"Technically I'm your family too," Kurt shot back.

"You know what I mean."

"Look, it's your choice and as your dutiful husband I will support you," he said, placing a hand to his chest. "Even if I do think you're going about this all wrong."

"Wrong how?"

"Maybe you should tell them you got married. Might put the wind up them?"

"Give Dad a heart attack more like," Blaine said, not missing the subtle shift in Kurt when he said that. "What?"


"Don't give me that. What?"

"You know I said that my dad got sick, my Junior year of High School?"

"Yeah," Blaine said right before the pieces slotted together. "Shit. Sorry."

"You weren't to know. He's fine now, well as fine as you get after something like that. But..."

"Not exactly considerate on my part," Blaine finished. "World's worst husband."

"You said it," Kurt laughed as a phone began to ring. "Think that's yours," he said as he dug the cell out from the coat pocket. "Want me to...?" he offered.

"Yeah, tell them I'll call them back?"

"Hello?" Kurt answered. "This is Blaine's phone."

"Oh, hi," came a woman's shocked voice from the other end. "Um, is he there?"

"He's driving at the moment, can I take a message and get him to call you back when we switch?"

"Um, no, it's fine," she said. "Sorry, I just wasn't expecting someone else to answer his phone."

"Life's nothing if not interesting," Kurt said.

"That's true," she laughed. "So, to whom do I have the pleasure of talking?"

"This is Blaine's husband," he quipped without thinking. "And you are?" He froze for a moment, saying nothing until a quiet "Bye" when the call ended. Then he scrolled back through the phone before shooting Blaine a look. "I'd pass on the message to call your mom but I think it's a little redundant now."

Blaine nearly ran the car off the road in his haste to pull over. Ignoring the blaring horn of the car behind them he turned in his seat. "Tell me you didn't just introduce yourself as my husband to my mom," he begged.

"Why the hell don't you have her stored as 'Mom' in your cell? A little help here?"

Blaine took the phone from Kurt and pulled up the call list. "Kaitlyn's my cousin," he said. "Mom's hopeless with her cell, probably got her to do it. Oh god, Mom knows..." He leant over and put his head on the wheel.

"We can say it was a joke, a wind up. You have a friend with a really, really bad sense of humour," Kurt said, trying to think of ways to make this better. "Maybe I could explain..."

"I think you've said enough," Blaine snapped, sitting upright. "Well. Guess we are going to mine after all."

"I thought you wanted me to leave you in town," Kurt said quietly.

"If I turn up without you, whether it be as my husband or my friend with the most awful sense of humour, then I won't ever hear the end of it. You have thirty minutes to come up with something that's not going to get me kicked out of my family and/or you killed."

Kurt pressed back into his seat at Blaine eased the car back onto the road. He'd managed to screw this up for Blaine and so it was up to him to make it better. Somehow.


As predicted Blaine's parents were waiting for them outside the house when Blaine pulled up the (impossibly) long drive. Kurt tried to cover his shock at the Anderson house; Blaine really came from this kind of family? He'd seen these houses and imagined the people who lived in them but he never thought that he'd actually know one of them.

Once the initial anger had subsided Blaine had realised that Kurt would need a crash course in his family if they were going to get out of this. At best Kurt was a friend, at worst he was his husband, and either way he'd need to know the basics – long enough to figure out what their next move was going to be.

Mr and Mrs Anderson (Michael and Eliza, but stick to titles to begin with) watched them pull up and Kurt took a moment to run through the set up in his head. The house actually belonged to Grandfather Anderson (Harry, who was the truly narrow minded one in the family) and Blaine's parents ran the family business (investments mainly).

Today was their thirtieth wedding anniversary (they had requested no presents, just charity donations – Mrs Anderson was well known for her charity work) and so the families had descended on Ohio to celebrate. And Blaine, their only child, the black sheep in white clothing, was expected to put in an appearance. Except he'd decided to bring his "husband" along for the trip.

"Blaine, sweetheart," his mother greeted him as he stepped out of the car. "You look tired."

"Long drive," he said. "I'll be fine once I've freshened up." He was reminded about Kurt's presence when he heard the passenger door shut. "Mom, this is..."

"The husband, right?" Mr Anderson finished. He seemed to be eyeing Kurt up and down, taking him in. "Nice of you to tell us, Blaine."

"Dad..." Blaine began, looking across at Kurt.

Kurt didn't miss the look that flashed in Blaine's eyes. This was a man caught, who desperately wanted to be himself but couldn't. Last night when they'd gotten talking about relationships Blaine had shared his one wish when it came to his dad : he wanted nothing more than to be able to walk up, hand in hand with a guy he liked, and just be himself.

Kurt took a deep breath and searched Blaine's face for any sign that he should (technically) lie, make his excuses and leave. Finding none he turned back to Mr Anderson and extended his hand.

"Mr Anderson? My name's Kurt. I am sorry for the way I blurted it out on the phone to your wife, it's still a bit new to both of us. The wedding wasn't planned," he said effortlessly, "but it wasn't as if we purposefully didn't invite you. My parents weren't there either."

"Really?" Mr Anderson asked.

"It was almost spur of the moment. We were both in Vegas and I guess we got caught up in it."

"Oh Blaine," Mrs Anderson said, her voice tinged with disappointment.

"We didn't plan on doing it in Vegas but it seemed right," Kurt continued, his voice smooth and full of false confidence.

(On the other side of the car, his mother's hand still attached to his arm, Blaine's heart swelled with... what? pride?)

"Blaine and I have been thinking about it for a long time and... well... sometimes when you're so in love things just happen."

"How long have you two...?" Mr Anderson asked, trying to force the question out.

"Seems like forever," Kurt laughed, moving around the car to rescue Blaine from his mother. "We met in High School, through our Glee clubs? I was at McKinley."

"But... that was ten years ago," Mrs Anderson spluttered, looking at Kurt in disbelief.

"Oh no, we weren't then," he said. "We were friends first and it just... grew from there."

"All good relationships are built on a solid foundation of friendship first," Blaine said, trying to push his nerves back down. "Kurt and I... It came out of nowhere."

Kurt's arm slid effortlessly around Blaine's waist. "The last thing either of us want to do is make things uncomfortable for you. My family live in Lima – after this we're heading there – so if you'd rather we not stay..."

"No," Mrs Anderson said forcefully. "My boy has come home for the first time in years, this is our day to celebrate thirty years and now we have something else to celebrate. Isn't that right Michael?"

Mr Anderson clearly knew better than to argue with his wife and so he nodded, heading back into the house. Mrs Anderson followed, muttering something about getting out extra towels, leaving the boys outside.

"I'm sorry, I don't know..." Kurt started, dropping his arm from Blaine's waist.

Instead of yelling at him, Blaine turned and grabbed Kurt's face in his hands, pressing a kiss to his mouth. "Thank you," he breathed. "I have wanted someone to do that for so long."

Kurt's mouth opened and closed like a goldfish as he tried to process what had just happened.

"If we're playing the role of newlyweds..." Blaine said as he realised, dropping his hands from Kurt's face. "Sorry."

"Quits?" Kurt offered with a soft laugh.

"Quits," Blaine smiled in return.

"I think I'm going to need more than the headlines if I'm going to survive your family though," Kurt said as they lifted their bags from the car.

"If you're as quick a thinker as you seem to be then you'll be fine," Blaine said, fishing through the pockets of his bag. "I can't believe you pulled all of that out of nothing."

"Training," Kurt shrugged. "What are you... oh," he said as he saw what Blaine had been looking for. "Yeah. Right."

He found his own wedding ring quickly and after only a second's hesitation he slipped it back onto his finger. Then he held out his hand for his "husband", laughing softly as Blaine took it, and they stepped over the threshold together.


There were quick introductions, squeals of surprise and delight ("You got married? To a boy? Yeah, I know you are, Blaine but... You don't do things by halves, do you?"), but they were soon able to extract themselves from the throng under the pretence of freshening up from the long drive.

"OK, so our back story," Blaine said as he pulled out a shirt from his bag. "We met in High School, college at different sides of the country, then what?"

"Things just grew from there," Kurt said, taking the shirt from Blaine's hands and replacing it with a black polo. "You'll look better. We saw each other when we could, long distance relationship, and things got serious a while back."

"So which of us is relocating?" Blaine asked as he pulled off his old shirt. "You know that's what they're going to ask."

Kurt was trying hard not to stare, it wasn't as if he'd not seen Blaine shirtless before. But this was... different somehow. "Um..." he started.

"I guess it should be me," Blaine said, pulling on the polo shirt. "I can teach anywhere, you're kinda tied to New York."

"Isn't it going to be weird when you don't move?" Kurt asked, refocusing to his own wardrobe choices. "Unless... That's our get out clause. You can't find a job, you like LA, your friends and your life there..."

"We start arguing," Blaine picked up, "why can't you move to LA?"

"Because my life is in New York, yours is in Los Angeles, and even though we have loved each other for so long..."

"We just can't make it work and so we get a no faults divorce."

"Done and done," Kurt smiled, turning around just in time to see Blaine peel off his jeans and pull a clean pair from his bag. Seeing his "husband" standing there in a form fitting black polo and his boxer shorts made his mouth go dry. Reminding himself that he was only human, a red blooded male, and when faced with a very attractive red blooded male certain things were to be expected, he turned away. "As for your family, I'll pick it up. Years of improv means you get used to remembering facts as they're thrown at you."



"And what have you picked up about me?"

"Oh, you'd be surprised, Mr Medium Drip, prefers the right side of the bed, sleeps on your side, thinks that the only topping on a pizza should be meat and can't hold his beer."

Kurt didn't need to turn around to know the expression on Blaine's face. Once he'd left enough time he did turn around, his breath sticking in his throat as he saw the equally form fitting jeans Blaine had pulled on. "Shall we then, love?" he asked, holding out his arm.

"We shall..." Blaine said, stalling on a nickname that didn't sound overly patronising or sickly sweet in his head.

"Adam called me sweetie all the time," Kurt said. When Blaine's face lit up he quickly added, "I hated it."


"Do we really need pet names?"

"Nah, I think I'm just going to like calling you mine," Blaine said. "Just one thing," he added
as Kurt made for the door. "We need to keep the PDAs to a minimum. Mom and Dad might be dealing with this but Granddad... He's going to be a different story."

"I don't want to make this worse for you."

"Too right. You're all about making it up to me today. Which basically makes you my slave."

"Oh you wish," Kurt laughed as Blaine came up behind him, reaching around to open the door. He felt Blaine's breath hot on his neck and he tried to ignore the fluttering in his chest. This was just a red-blooded normal reaction. Just that.


For the most part Blaine's family were fairly accepting of Kurt. It was as he'd said though, they just avoided the issue.

("You got married? Oh, right. So then...")

As tended to happen at parties there was an obvious gender split; the men huddled around with drinks and the women fussed over food and gossiped in the kitchen. And as always tended to happen Kurt gravitated towards the women. Or he was pulled in when they realised his connections in the New York fashion world. One of the two, he wasn't quite sure which one.

Every so often Blaine would appear to grab another drink, checking that his "husband" was fine. Kurt just laughed, reassured Blaine that he was managing just fine, and then sent him on his way. Eventually he managed to drag himself away from them, promising to send them advance copies of the New York fall edition, finding Blaine outside on the patio.

"You OK?" he asked.

"So apparently I need to make a speech," Blaine sighed, staring at the piece of paper in front of him. "Joys of being an only child."

"Want a hand? I wrote all the speeches for Dad's wedding. Of course then Finn went off script but it worked out OK."

"I'm used to talking to fourteen year olds. Their attention span is a little difference, as are their interests."

"I bet you're great at your job," Kurt said, pulling up a chair next to him.

"I'm not that bad..."

"Which means you're great. Teachers are notoriously self-deprecating."

"Next time we have an inspection, can you be there?"

"For better or worse," Kurt joked, picking up the pen and scribbling some notes. "Bet you have all the teenage girls lusting after you though."

"Kurt Hummel," Blaine teased, "I never would have thought you were the sexist type."

"Oh I'm sure a couple of the boys like you too," Kurt replied, still working on the paper, "but in that 'he's alright' kind of way. And the odd kid who's a bit confused by it all but will be OK in the long run."

"Like we were?"

Kurt looked up and smiled at Blaine. "I think we did OK. Have a read over this and let me know. It's pretty generic stuff but you can add in the odd bit about your parents that will make them think you wrote it."

"Kurt..." Blaine said as he read over it.

It was just his name, something he'd been hearing his whole life, but the way that Blaine said it made his chest tighten a little. The longer u sound, the click of the t. Blaine managed to make his name sound as if it were worthy of worship, as if he was.

But it was just a name, it was one syllable. It didn't mean anything. It couldn't mean anything.


Kurt hung back as Blaine was ushered up to the front. He rustled his notes nervously, glancing around the crowd. Kurt noticed the obvious flinch and followed Blaine's gaze to an older man in an impeccable suit. Granddad Anderson. The likeness down the male line was obvious but the differences were there too. Blaine's head of curls clearly a maternal influence, as were the kinder eyes that now sought him out in the crowd.

Kurt raised his glass in both a toast and a sign of support, giving Blaine the courage to speak.

"Thirty years," he began. "That's a lifetime – that's more than my lifetime! But through all that my parents have created a union that has withstood the test of time.

"But marriage isn't just about how long two people stay together. It's about what they do with that relationship. They built a home in which to raise a child, taught him to stand on his own two feet and be his own person. Because of them I am who I am.

"As kids we look to our parents as a benchmark for our relationships. They are our first example of what unconditional love is like. And it's not about lasting the distance, it's not about sharing likes and dislikes. It's about working through the hard times together. About wanting to be there even if it's easier to walk away.

"My parents have had their tough times but they worked through it together. They were they for me when I needed them most and have always wanted the best for me. More than that though they let me be my own person.

"When I first asked Dad what it was he did for a living he explained it to me the best he could. He explained to his eight year old son about investments, about how sometimes they work out and you get more than you put in, and sometimes they don't. But you don't give up when things don't work out. You make sure you have enough to keep going and that's what you do. You keep going."

Blaine had been looking around the crowd but now his eyes landed on Kurt and he couldn't tear his gaze away. "Life throws us curve balls and puts us in situations we don't expect. The real measure of a relationship is how you deal with those curve balls. You can stand there and do nothing or you can try the swing. You might strike out but at least you tried. You don't run, you don't hide. You stand up and you deal with it.

"You don't make it to thirty days, never mind thirty years, if you don't. When you find someone that you're willing to spend your life with then you need to share your whole life with them. The good bits and the bad bits. There's a reason that 'for better or for worse' is in the traditional vows!

"You forgive their mistakes because they'll forgive yours. You accept their flaws because they'll accept yours. You listen because they will when you talk and you talk things through. And if you do that? Then you can make anything work out, even if you didn't plan it."

Kurt's mouth went dry; that wasn't in his notes for the speech. And surely Blaine wasn't talking to him? about them? They'd certainly not planned getting married but they'd done nothing but talk since. Their conversations were open and honest – likes and dislikes and flaws and strengths. And not once had they judged or condemned the other. They accepted the other because there was no reason not to.

Did Blaine want this to work out? Did he want this marriage to work out? Because... he might be OK with that. Maybe. Oh god he didn't know anymore.


After the speech Granddad Anderson accosted Blaine, sweeping him off to the side of the room where a glass of champagne was pressed into his hands. Kurt wanted to go in and rescue him but Mrs Anderson appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and gently held his arm.

"I'd leave them be if I were you," she said gently. "Their relationship is... complicated."

"He knows Blaine is gay, right?"

"Knowing it and acknowledging it can be two different things."

"Like father like son then," Kurt muttered under his breath.

"Things are difficult for Blaine," she said, "and as much as you might want them to be different they won't be fixed overnight. If you and Blaine are in this for the long haul then you really need to accept that. I get that you're out and proud, and Blaine's told us how supporting your family is. Don't think I'm not pleased for you but our family doesn't work like that."

"No, you just want him to creep back into the closet."

"Sometimes in a relationship you need to find a compromise. And some things won't be forever."

"And what if there is no compromise to be found?" Kurt asked. "What if this goes against every cell in my body?"

"Then you need to balance that against how you feel about Blaine. And he needs to balance you against us. He's my son, Kurt, he's my flesh and blood. I look at him and I see so much of me in there to balance out the Anderson contribution. I want him to be happy and I want what's best for him, no matter what that might be.

"But you need to consider that too. If you force his hand, if you make him – or God forbid, let him – do something he will regret then will the consequences of that be worth the outcome? What's going to make him happy in the long term?"

Kurt actually turned himself so he was facing Mrs Anderson full on. Her face was full of compassion but it was guarded, hidden behind concern and wariness.

"My husband and I have been married for thirty years, hopefully we'll make it to forty. But who knows? We've seen so many people get married and get divorced but there has always been a constant for them. Family. The thing about us, Kurt, is that providing those bridges have not been burned then we will always be there for our own. Whatever happens in their lives."

For one moment Kurt wondered if she knew, but after reassuring himself that there was no way she could he forced himself to nod. "I understand."

"Good," she smiled, her eyes lighting up. "Like I said though, things aren't forever. One day things will be different as they always are. One day you two couldn't have gotten married, now look at you. Change in your lifetime. And all it took was a bit of patience."

And with that she left Kurt standing by himself, staring at the space his "husband" had been.


Kurt met Blaine's cousin who promptly hugged him upon finding out that he was indeed Blaine's husband, then dragged him into the kitchen where she fished out a bottle of vodka and some shot glasses. Two shots in and Kurt's memory reminded him of exactly what had happened last time.

The second half of part one


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